ToughPower - Frequently asked questions

What type of Battery can I fit?

It must be a rechargeable 12V deep cycle battery - Lead Acid, GEL, Calcium, AGM.   
Lithium LiFePO4 is compatible only on TP-1000 & TP-1000DUAL models.
Battery 'Space Claim': 344mm x 179mm x 249mm (L x W x H).  Will fit most 80Ahr - 120Ahr Batteries.

Can I install the ToughPower as a Dual Battery?

Yes you sure can!  The TP-1000DUAL has been designed specifically for a Dual Battery setup!  
The TP-600 and TP-1000 are not dual battery compatible.

Can I Charge the Battery and use Power at the same time?

Yes you can! All the charging electronics inside the Lid are fully protected with current limiting capability.  

Can I leave the ToughPower outside?

No - we don’t.  Whilst it is made from tough rugged plastic…It does has sensitive electronics inside and water and electronics don’t mix!  You wouldn’t leave your fridge, coffee pod machine or phone outside either.  Best to put it undercover out of the weather in a well-ventilated area.

1000W Inverter - that will pull heaps of power, won’t that flatten the battery?

Yes it will!  If you are going to use it every day to run high energy appliances like a camp fridge and make a few cups of coffee with your pod machine and make a few slices of toast then you need a plan to re-charge the battery - every day!  That is why the TP-1000DUAL model is Dual Battery Setup compatible.  Simply idle your car if you plan to run the Inverter for a long time and the Alternator will put in BULK charge!  BTW - this is a good idea if you need to use an Angle Grinder or Sabre Saw for the odd job!  

What Solar Panels can I connect?

Any Unregulated 12V nominal Solar Panel
Any Regulated 12V nominal Solar Panel

Can I attach a 2nd Battery so I have more capacity?

Yes sure! The battery must be the same type of Battery as you have fitted in the ToughPower. 

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