ToughPower Safety

Safety Features

Your safety is one of our greatest concerns.  That is why we developed the ToughPower to provide optimum safety for you and your family, your appliances, your battery and the ToughPower's electronics. The ToughPower has Standards Australia Approval Certificates for Electrical and EMC standards, with safety features such as:

Built-in Battery Protection

The system monitors the battery voltage and prevents it from getting too high or dropping too low and permanently damaging the battery. This is all handled internally, and programmed by experts to help you get the most out of your battery.

Concealed Key-locked Battery Type Selection

Selecting the correct Battery Type setting is extremely important, otherwise it could result in harm to both the battery and the ToughPower. To make sure that you (or your kids) don’t accidentally change the selected Battery Type, we have designed the battery selection process to be key locked with a Concealed Key Switch.  The Key Switch can ONLY be accessed when there is NO battery installed in the ToughPower! Furthermore, after selecting the intended to be installed Battery Type, we recommend you remove the Key from the Key Switch and store the Key in a safe place - away from children, so that you can have confidence that the Battery Type selected by you can not be changed without your knowledge.  

Temperature Monitoring

The ToughPower is designed to automatically shut down to protect the electronics and battery when the temperature gets too high. As the internal temperature in the Lid rises, an internal fan is configured to automatically power up to provide airflow over the electronics.  The fan is variable speed controlled so it will gradually increase in speed as the temperature rises.

No Bulky Power Packs Required

Does not require any bulky external power packs!  All the necessary chargers and electronics are fully integrated and located inside the ToughPower Lid.  This includes a Mains Charger, DC-DC Charger, MPPT Solar Controller, Pure Sine Wave Inverter - all integrated inside the LID!  The way it should be.  All the internal chargers and switch mode electronics refuse to give or accept more power than they’re designed to, protecting your connected appliances.