Using the ToughPower (TP-1000DUAL)

We are dedicated to providing reliable and lasting solutions for your power needs. We enjoy the outdoors just as much as you, that is why we took no shortcuts when developing the ToughPower. With a superior level of safety, versitility and power, there isn't much the ToughPower can't do. The power is in your hands.

The ToughPower allows you to use multiple outputs simultaneously - even while charging. For us, this was a no brainer. On top of that, it displays all previous and current usage of the ToughPower for you to view from it's LCD touch screen interface. You can see the battery's current percentage, along with advance prediction technology to tell you how long it will last.

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1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
2 x Independant Fast Charge USB Ports
12V Anderson
12V CIG / Engel / Merit

1000W Pure Sine Wave InvertEr

Toughpower and grinder

Unlike others on the market, we don't compromise. That's why we added a Pure Sine Wave Inverter that gives you a staggering 1000W of constant power with up to 2000W peak power! The most powerful in any portable battery box on the market.  That means you can run a 2 slice toaster or pod coffee machine no problems at all - and pure sine wave means you won't damage your TVs or other sensitive electronics!  We recommend you make the kid's toast first, then you can enjoy your coffee...or is it the other way 'round?

The 2000W peak power rating means that for appliances rated above 1000W and less than 2000W, the Inverter can supply power for short periods (pod coffee machines are tyically ~1350Watts).  Don't be shy, give it a go!  The Inverter automatically shuts itself down if you try to over power it - No blown fuses, it simply shuts off the output power.  Leave it a moment for it to rest and recover, then you can start it up again.  
Note - It is not designed for Tradie use, but it will comfortably power an Angle Grinder (~1500W) or Sabre Saw for the small job.

When you have the Dual Battery setup with a direct connection to your car battery, with the car idling, power is sent directly from the car's Alternator to the 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.  This effectively means that your car can provide an 'unlimited' source of power to the Inverter.  So if you have a few pod coffees to make, or need several slices of toast, simply turn the car on and let it idle whilst you are using high powered appliances - this "saves" the battery for running your portable fridge.  Keep an eye on the ToughPower's LCD screen as it will show you the LOAD and the drain on the battery. 

2 x Independant Fast charge USB Ports

usb ports

Often with dual USB charging ports, the charging speed is halved when adding another device. But with our 2 x Independant Fast Charge USB Ports, you'll be able to fast charge two devices with 2.5Amps each at the same time! You'll be able to keep your navigation and communication devices topped up when you out, and keep the kid's iPads fully charged for when you need some time out.  

12V Anderson Outlet

anderson port

The 50Amp 12V Anderson Connector provides high current DC power, perfect for running an air compressor or other high powered DC appliances such as a hot water system, stove/oven and kettle.  It is protected with a 50Amp Self Resetting Circuit Breaker - so if you overload it and it shuts off, leave it a few minutes then re-connect.  


12v outlets

The 3 x 12VDC Outlet Sockets share a 15Amp Manual Reset Circuit Breaker.

The CIG Socket is ideal for low current devices with occassional usage such as LED lights and small chargers. The Engel and Merit Sockets are ideal for the higher current appliances that are permanently attached such as portable camping fridge/freezers and water pumps.  The Engel and Merit Sockets have a stronger attachment mechanism so that the plug is held more securely and they are designed for higher current loads.

More Information

To view more in depth information, click a link below or view the brochure.

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