Charging the ToughPower (TP-600)

The ToughPower is designed to be user friendly, and provide you with the convenience and functionality you need. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for any bulky power packs or external chargers - it includes everything!

And a quick tip - in all charging configurations, you can see real time information (charging and usage) & monitor the charging status from the ToughPower's LCD screen!

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Multi-input charging
Mains charging
Solar charging
Vehicle charging

Charging via Multiple Inputs

All the various charging controllers are connected and integrated inside the lid, therefore the ToughPower can accept charging current and provide output power - at the same time!   

All charging input sources are controlled and managed by the internal microprocessor.  Whether it be Solar, Car, External or Mains - the ToughPower identifies, measures and monitors the charging current and displays this information on the LCD screen.

Charging via Mains

Mains Charging

When charging via Mains input, simply attach the provided kettle cord to your standard household power-point and to the ToughPower's Mains Input and turn the Master ON/OFF switch ON.  The LCD screen will display "MAINS" to indicate that the 10A Mains Charger is operational and charging the battery.  

Charging via solar

Solar Charging

The ToughPower's integrated MPPT Controller accepts charge via any 12V nominal REGULATED or UNREGULATED Solar Panel. Simply attach a Female CIG Socket to your 12V nominal Solar Panel so that you can connect this to the provided Accessory Cable, then turn the Master ON/OFF switch ON.  The LCD screen will display "SOLAR" to indicate the Solar Panels are connected and providing charging current.

Charging via Vehicle

Vehicle Charging

You can charge the ToughPower just from the CIG Socket in your car. To do this, attach the provided Accessory Cable to your Car CIG Socket and to the ToughPower, then turn the ToughPower and the Car on.  The internal 10A DC-DC Charger will regulate the current ensuring that no more then 10 Amps is drawn to charge the battery.  

Simple. Integrated. Reliable.

More Information

To view more in depth information, click a link below or view the brochure.

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